Stereology-based morphometric analysis of CNS


Stereology-based morphometric analysis of CNS

Unbiased stereology has been considered by modern neuroscience as the most preferred method to measure or quantify morphological properties of the CNS. This is particularly important in identification of subtle yet important alterations in the morphology of the brains, based on disturbances during development or in neuropsychiatric and neurodegenerative diseases.

The core focus of NDT501 service is designed to generate an accurate bio-profiling of neuronal elements (including size, shape and number), obtained in an unbiased way using proven software packages and algorithms that include standard geometric overlays, mathematical formulae, counting rules, and systematic random sampling methods. By implementing this method, the obtained results will be accurate, efficient and more reliable than other ad hoc quantitative analyses.

With computerized systematic random-sampling layout and stabilized stage control of spatial (x-y-z) coordinates on every serial section of Region of Interest (ROIs) via Zeiss digital microscopic platform (see NDT500), we are able to quantify properties of 3D objects from a stack of 2D serial sections through an object (such as microscopic slides of a solid specimen). Our clients will expect to receive most accurate and reliable morphometric results, namely, a ā€œ3Dā€ spatial digital profile of ROIs with a series of digitized data, ready for subsequent digital archiving and data/quality assurance.

NDT501 service is capable of measuring brain volume (Left) and cell population estimate (Right) based on the principle of modern stereology (see below).

Volumetric analysis using Stereology-based image software program.

3D reconstruction of the hippocampus (green) of a mouse brain.

3D Volumetric analysis of mouse hippocampal subfields

3D distribution of BrdU+ cells in mouse dentate gyrus

Morphological differences in dendritic morphology of pyramidal cells between WT (Wildtype) and Transgenic (TG) brains.

Terms and Conditions

  • For quality assurance of our service, it is recommended that you discuss with us for preferred perfusion protocol and histology and/or immunolabeling protocols.
  • It is suggested that you use Gel-coated microscopic slides for tissue mounting and 0.17um-thick coverslips.
  • A 15% of the fee will be due upon authorization of the study; and the remaining fee will be due upon delivery of study results.
  • Progress of the service is contingent upon staining quality of tissues, operated by the independent contractor.
  • Should early termination occur, Neurodigitech will prorate the cost incurred and invoice the Sponsor. The first portion of the fee is non-refundable.