FD Rapid MultiStain Kit


NDT105 FD Rapid MultiStainTM Kit

Price: $495.83

The FD Rapid MultiStainTM kit, a user-friendly histological staining system, is especially designed for the morphological study of the central nervous system. The full-set kit provides 5 most frequently used staining solutions, including hematoxylin, eosin Y, cresyl violet, neutral red and methyl green solution, all of which are ready to use straight from the bottle. The kit has been tested extensively in tissues from both experimental animals and postmortem human brains. The solutions can be used with frozen and paraffin-embedded tissue sections as well as cultured cells.

The unique formulas of these dye solutions allow researchers who have little or no histological experience to produce the most reliable and specific staining of cellular elements with a low background. In addition, the simple procedure for each staining can be easily adopted in all types of research laboratories.


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Parvalbumin-immunostained section counterstained with thionin. 30-micron cryostat section through the medial entorhinal cortex of a rat that survived for 24 hr after kainic acid administration, showing the preferential loss of neurons in layer III and relative resistance of parvalbumin neurons (for details, cf. J. Neurosci. 15:6301-6313, 1995)

TUNEL-labeled section counterstained with methyl green. This 10-micron paraffin section cut from a dorsal root ganglion of a mouse embryo (E17). The section was processed for detecting neuronal apoptosis (brown) with NDT102 NeuroApop Kit and then counterstained with NDT205 methyl green.

Cytokeratin 18-immunostained section counterstained with cresyl violet. This 12-micron frozen section of the rat prostate was processed for Cytokeratin 18-immunoreactivity (brown) and was then counterstained with NDT202 cresyl violet solution.

CD31-immunostained section counterstained with hematoxylin. This 7-micron paraffin section of the mouse ear was processed for CD31-immunoreactivity (brown) and was then counterstained with NDT204 hematoxylin solution.

Hematoxylin (H) & Eosin (E) stain. This 5-micron paraffin section of mouse heart was stained with NDT204 FD hematoxylin (blue) and NDT203 FD eosin Y (red).

Key Contents :

  • FD Hematoxylin solution (250 ml)
  • FD Eosin Y solution (250 ml)
  • FD Cresyl violet solution (250 ml)
  • FD Neutral red solution (250 ml)
  • FD Methyl green solution (250 ml)
  • Acetic Acid Solution (250 ml)
  • Resinous mounting medium (6 ml)
  • Cover glass forcep (5)
  • Disposable Pasteur Pipets (5)
  • Rubber bulb (1)
  • User Manual (1)

Materials Required, but Not Included:

  • Double distilled or deionized water.
  • Histological supplies and equipment, including adhesive microscope slides, coverslips, staining jars, ethanol, xylene or xylene substitutes and a light microscope.

Terms and Conditions

  • For quality assurance of our service, it is recommended that you discuss with us for preferred perfusion protocol and histology and/or immunolabeling protocols.
  • It is suggested that you use Gel-coated microscopic slides for tissue mounting and 0.17um-thick coverslips.
  • A 15% of the fee will be due upon authorization of the study; and the remaining fee will be due upon delivery of study results.
  • Progress of the service is contingent upon staining quality of tissues, operated by the independent contractor.
  • Should early termination occur, Neurodigitech will prorate the cost incurred and invoice the Sponsor. The first portion of the fee is non-refundable.