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2016 New Product List:

Merchant Services

Please select:
FD Apop Kit
FD NeuroApop Kit
FD NeuroSilver Kit
FD Rapid GolgiStain Kit
FD Rapid MultiStain Kit 
FD Rapid TimmStain Kit
GolgiChrome Kit
FD Thionin Solution
FD Cresyl Violet Solution
FD Eosin Y Solution
FD Hemotoxylin Solution
FD Methyl Green Solution 
FD Neutral Red Solution
 FD Congo Red Solution™
FD Section Storage Solution 
FD Tissue Cryoprotection Solution
Phosphate-buffered 4% PFA with picric acid
FD Tissue Storage Solution™
General Histology
Detection of Neuro-degeneration
Special Neurohistology
Nonradioactive In Situ Hybridization 
Digital Microscopic Imaging
Stereology-based Morphological analysis
Golg-Cox Staining Service

NDT503   GolgChrome Staining service


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(Please email: sales@neurodigitech.com).

*For Service, please specify the item under each service category and fax (1-619-768-2458) or email us (info@neurodigitech.com) your study design to acquire the quotation!

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