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Neurodigitech (NDT) is a "Neuro" CRO (Contract Research Organization) biotech company, dedicated to 1) Neurohistological service of the central nervous system (CNS), 2) Neural staining kits, 3) High-throughput digital microscopic imaging and stereology-based quantitative morphology, and 4) GLP and non-GLP studies. 

Neurohistology service

NDT provides the most reliable histological service, including the cryo- and paraffin-based sectioning with standard histological stains (Cresyl violet, Hematoxylin and Eosin stain or H & E, Methyl green, Neutral red, Saffrain etc), Special stains (Golgi-Cox impregnation, Gallyas silver stain, deOmos Amino Cupric silver stain, etc), and immunofluorescence and immunoperoxidase of the biomarkers for basic and neuro-histopathological research. The deliverables include 1) the serial mounted slides with labels in boxes and/or representative digital images of the region(s) of interest and morphological analysis (upon request).  With extensive research experiences, NDT also helps our customers validate and develop the most cost-effective experimental designs and protocols. The technical support is always available throughout the course of the study. 

Neural staining kits 

With increasing demands in time and cost for research projects, the affordable, user-friendly staining kits play an important role for researchers to achieve their scientific breakthrough. NDT is dedicated to providing the quick delivery of high-quality, ready-to-us neurohistological staining packages, including the proprietary FD Apop, FD NeuroApop, FD  NeuroSilver, FD Rapid GolgiStain, FD Multi RapidStain, FD Rapid TimmStain  kits.  

 The most recent new product, GolgiChrome kit is the first modified and commercialized version of the Golgi-Cox method that allows simultaneous visualization of (a) the structural details, (b) the antigens’ characterization, (c) the anatomical interactions between discrete neuronal elements and (d) the 3D reconstruction and modeling of the nervous system through staining for simultaneous metal impregnation and immunohistochemistry.  

Digital microscopic imaging and morphometric analysis

Using the state-of-the-art digital imaging and unbiased stereology-based morphological analysis protocol, including 2-D and 3-D digitized microscopic and MRI imaging visualization and reconstruction programs, we help our customers streamline the processes of digital data acquisition and high-standard quantitative analysis. We also provide consultations for peer-reviewed publications. NDT also welcomes scientific collaborations since we believe Customer's comments can always help us improve the quality of our services.  

Preclinical CRO service

The NDT teams in specialized in both non-GLP and GLP compliant pre-clinical assessments of CNS disease therapeutics using a variety of biomarkers, including histology, immunohistochemical and histochemical methods. In particular, NDT is dedicated to custom-designed neuropathological assessments for the neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, ALS, and brain insults (strokes and brain tumors) and Human neural stem cell programs for preclinical studies of animal models upon request.  NDT helps our clients develop the most time- and cost-effective study design and analytical methods with digital imaging platform with unbiased, computerized morphological analysis to render most reliable scientific results.





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